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Jackson grabbed Anna’s hand abruptly and pulled her gently back towards him. “Look, I uh…” He stuttered feeling nervous again, he could feel his palms beginning to sweat. “Anna what I’m trying to say without cocking it up-“ 

"Jackson it’s okay take your time." Anna giggled softly, not taking her eyes off of him, her cheeks were still at little flushed and her lips were throbbing from the kisses she shared with Jackson. 

"What I’m basically saying is, I am liking- no loving where things are going with us, that we can be together. Nothing seems to be getting in the way and I uh, I’m happy and the truth isn’t I haven’t been-"

"Jackson." Anna whispered sympathetically, she reached up and held his cheeks. "You make me really happy too." She added honestly, Jackson grinned nervously in response, he was worried about saying it. 

"Good, gosh why can’t I just spit it out?! Look, I would really love it ifyouwouldbemygirlfriend?"

"Sorry what was that?" Anna asked amused, she caught the just of it but she wanted to hear it properly, she felt giddy. 

"Would you like to be my girlfriend? Because there is nothing in the world I would want more, I want us to be exclusive and I want this to be our lifetime.”

Anna’s face broke into a huge grin, she couldn’t contain herself. She nodded her head enthusiastically. “I would love to be your girlfriend Jackson.” He smiled and pulled her into another kiss. 


"Sing it, Jace! The players gonna play, play, play, play, play .. and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, baby, I’m just gonna shake it off .."

"Shake!" Jace squealed, much to his grimacing aunt’s dismay. Her hazel eyes traveled between the two, watching as Evan encouraged his usually withdrawn son to wiggle around in the same ridiculous fashion that he was. She had to repress a smile as she watched him bounce and shake on the hard wooden floor, waving his arms around without any particular rhythm. 

"Evan, you look ridiculous .." She mused, the grimace finally fading away. She covered her mouth with her hand as she chuckled, watching him direct the bubbly lyrics to his young son. This was nothing unusual; Evan was always engaging Jace in some sort of silly routine. Whether it was spontaneous breakfast dance parties or making up a dramatic reenactment of the Civil War with his rubber duckies during bath time, the Hawthorne house was never without some sort of excitement.


[FC] Only Mine Pose Pack II

A few poses from Only Mine, on-going short story by itsmegeuliz and me. 18 poses altogether. List compatible. Non-list compatible is included.

I made the poses using Shino Monaco Loveseat. Some of them you have seen it in the story itself, and some, you will see them in next chapter. <—- Dang, spoiler alert. So now you know what will happen in part 7 ;p There are 2 version of the sleeping one. That last group poses, I made it for sitting on the fence/half wall actually but we can use them on a couch too. *a little side note for my loyal readers: Part 7 will be a little late, need to build something, and making poses. Probably next week if we’re lucky* And, uh, the last one, is the continuation poses from my 3rd pack, the 12th poses *I have a new hobby making “chain” poses*

And, after a long observation on my first couple pose pack, I’m not quite happy with it…So, er..I made a remake version for it. I changed them a little, here and there. You can check the previews on my blogspot [here], so if you want, go ahead and grab it, replace it with the new one, or keep them both, it’s up to all of you. ;)

Anyway, hope you guys like it. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any problem using it. \o/

TOU: Here

Note: Any height slider that makes the male sims go taller will have a different result from the original poses.


DOWNLOAD [1st pack remake]

*credits to all CC creators <3

*tag me “fyachii" if you want when you use them and I will reblog your post with absolute pleasure. <—- since I can’t check all posts on my dash due to.. oh well.. =(



"So how was your date?" Mason sung teasing Anna as she came into their room. 

"Shut up! It was not a date.” Anna stated rolling her eyes. “We just hung out at the beach it was no big deal-“

"-Oh please that is so date, that’s where me and you met for the first time remember?!" Elijah laughed embarrassed, Anna rolled her eyes again. 

"I would rather forget me and you ever dating thank you. Seriously it’s so creepy thinking about it now, you’re like a brother to me." Anna laughed shaking her head amused. "I can’t believe I used to let you kiss me." She added some gagging noises for emphasis, Elijah just laughed and shook his head. 

"Well your sister happens to think I’m a great kiss so HA!" Elijah grinned. "Did anything happen on your d-" He stopped when he saw the death glare Anna sent him when he was going to utter ‘date’. "non-date?" 

"Well…" Anna hesitated, she ran her hands through her hair nervously and looked between both Mason and Elijah. "On the way home, we was walking and my hand kept brushing Jackson’s as I walked. We- um ended up holding hands…" Anna’s cheeks had turned a bright red, and she placed her face into her hands to hide herself from Mason and Elijah’s laughing. 

"It was so a date.” Mason sung again, Elijah nodded in agreement. 

"Shut up!" Anna mumbled embarrassed. "Just put the stupid movie on already." 

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