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Daisy was in a fit of giggles as she looked down at Mason. “You’re going to drop me and I’ll crush you!”

"Psh, give over, no you won’t!" Mason retorted grinning up at her. "I always like coming over here did you know that?"

"Well duh, considering you’re here pretty much all the time! But seriously put me down now!" 

"Noooo." Mason sung stretching his arms a little further which lifted Daisy even higher. 

"M-Mason!" Daisy giggled. 

"D-Daisy!" Mason replied using the same tone as her, he was so lost in his laughter that he didn’t realise Daisy was staring to cry. He felt a tear hit his cheek and at first he was alarmed because he thought it was spit. "Daisy? What’s wrong? Have I hurt you." Mason worried as he let her down, Daisy rolled over to the left and wiped her eyes shaking her head at him. 


"Evan, I .."

By now, Brea was stunned. Speechless. After some of the things they had discussed about his past relationships, she had assumed a terrible break-up had occurred. That maybe he’d been unfaithful and had an affair that potentially tore them apart. Those were relatively common relationship problems; something that could be worked through and moved past.

Never had she let the idea of such sudden and devastating loss cross her mind. She watched him as he stood, his body wracked with the sobs she wasn’t sure he’d ever let out before. He had mourned alone, with no support, without telling anyone. She had a feeling not even Noah knew the depth of his grief; he bottled it up.

She crossed the room; her heels clicking rhythmically against the wooden floor as she went to him. He began to heave with deep, anxious sobs. He was standing and leaning against the wall, the grief and regret fresh and raw as he convulsed and began to crumble to the floor.

She caught him and wrapped her arms around him, knowing it went against all of her training to embrace a patient so tightly. But as he unraveled before her, she couldn’t let him mourn alone again.

She held him tightly and pressed her cheek to his shoulder as he clutched to her, afraid to let her go. 

"I want another baby,” Mickey smirked pulling Coraline close to him.

"Oh really," Coraline teased.

"I’m hoping that this birth control doesn’t work on you either," Mickey slowly let his hand travel down his wifes’ lower back.

"That is why I am making you wear condoms!" Coraline exclaimed.

"That is why I want to stop wearing condoms," Mickey pulled Coraline into a deep kiss.

"Mommy, can I have my easel back?" Cora asked glumly.

"You understand that you cannot skip school and deceive your father and I like that now don’t you?" Coraline studied Cora’s face looking for any hint of manipulation.

"I understand, I won’t do it again," Cora promised imitating a cross on her heart.

Okay, you can have it back sweetie but if you do it again I’m going to take it away for a lot longer than a couple of weeks,” Coraline lectured.

Cora’s face transformed into excitement as she reached up to hug her mom.

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